By Chris Bounds

November 23, 2019

Constable Herman has worked at the Harris County Precinct 4 constable’s office for over thirty years. He started as a patrol deputy in 1986, promoted to sergeant in 1989. He promoted to Lieutenant in 1992. Promoted to captain in 1998. Promoted to assistant chief in 2008. Succeeded in Lobbying behind closed doors to get the commissioners to appoint him constable on May 19, 2015 so he could go into the next election as an incumbent. Most of Constable Herman’s rank came from his political aspirations.

Check out what Constable Herman has been able to do during his five years in office. To be fair I have looked for any of the positive accomplishments that Constable Herman has done for the community. His deputies have made arrests, but nothing he himself has done or is promising to do for the area other than push traffic enforcement. As of this writing there is nothing else posted on his website

Audit reveals dozens of neighborhoods shorted on police patrols

Author: Jeremy Rogalski
Published: 4:57 PM CDT April 6, 2016
Updated: 5:19 PM CDT April 6, 2016

Dozens of neighborhoods that paid for extra police protection under a contract with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Office didn’t receive those patrol services as expected, an internal audit obtained by the KHOU 11 I-Team reveals.

A total of 38 municipal utility districts and home owners associations suffered from a “massive shortage of personnel” at Precinct 4, according to the Harris County Attorney’s Office, which conducted a legal review of the audit.

The question that was not asked in the above article is. What was the cause of this “massive shortage of personnel”? Here is the answer to this question. Deputies that worked with and or under Mark Herman while he was a captain and assistant chief found themselves unable to work for a man with his lack of integrity. They left the department for other police agencies after he was appointed constable.

During his time in office he has continued to promote individuals like himself placing them in supervisor positions. New Deputies have found themselves unable to work for supervisors like these.The bleeding and infusion of personal continues.

Harris County Sued Over Evidence Destruction Scandal

By Bryan Kirk, Patch Staff
Sep 8, 2016 9:00 am

HOUSTON, TX -- The destruction of thousands of pieces of evidence by a Precinct 4 Deputy Constable has resulted in a lawsuit filed against Harris County, and the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Evidence Scandal Leads to the Dismissal of over 140 Texas Criminal Cases

Author: Matthew Clarke, Criminal Legal News
Published: December 2017

I pulled this quote made by Constable Mark Herman from the above article.

Constable Mark Herman:

“This is something that should never happen,” said Harris County Constable Mark Herman. “It’s devastating, it really is. But we’ll get over it. We’ll get through it.” The 150-plus defendants affected by the evidence destruction, however, likely will not get over it and through it as easily.

This statement I find disingenuous. During Constables Herman tenure as a captain and assistant chief at PCT 4 from 1998 thru 2015. The command staff which he was part, was told repeatedly by the property room corporal that the property room was too small for the department, over stuffed and disorganized because of the amount of property.

I know this first hand because over my years at PCT 4. When I would go into the property room to speak with deputy. I would comment on the mess. He would agree then reply, he has informed the command staff many times about the state of the property room. I told him you know they are going to burn you if something goes wrong with any of the property. This might have been prophetic which it was not, it was just common sense.

Dashcam catches testy exchange after Harris County Pct. 4 Constable pulled over for running red light
By Miya Shay
May 16, 2018

What you see on this video is a sample of the real Mark Herman not his political facade which he shows in public interviews.

Then it gets worse. This is a prime example of Constable Herman spinning things to suit his narrative.

Harris County Pct. 4 Constable issues himself ticket for running red light
By Miya Shay
Monday, May 21, 2018

Constable Mark Herman was quoted as saying.“I do not want to be known as the Constable who got away with running a red light”. My office issues thousands of traffic citations yearly keeping our citizens safe and, after reviewing the video I realized I did indeed run the light. As constable I am not above the law and should be held accountable," he wrote in a statement.

In the May 16, 2018 traffic stop video He told the deputy he was trying to work. Then again on a phone interview with an ABC 13 Reporter Constable Herman said.

“Reached on the phone, Constable Herman did not want to speak on camera. However, he said that he was following two possible suspects in a vehicle in front of him that morning, and that he didn't realize he ran a red light. In hindsight, Constable Herman says he clearly ran a red light and made a mistake in the course of doing his work”.

Police officers are allowed to disregard traffic control devices, when in safety if it is in the full scope of their duties. He stated he was working, following two suspects that were in front of him. So, way then pay a fine for running a red light if indeed he was working undercover following two suspects of a crime? The fact is he was just headed into the office from home and ran a red light, got angry because he was not let go as soon as he showed he was a police officer, and the deputy was taking too long to make contact with him. After the video was released and it was becoming an issue that might effect his political reputation, he admitted to running the red light and issued himself a ticket.


Political add paid for
By Chris Bounds for
Harris County Constable Pct. 4