Chris Bounds

Has been a public servant most of his adult life He served with distinction in the US Air Force. Enlisting at 18, he left his home in Texas to travel the world and do his part repairing aircraft supporting US operations across the globe, including the first Gulf War. His career path then took him to the Houston Police department, where he served as a Patrol Officer for several years, followed by some time in Corporate security, at Compaq’s Main Campus.

Returning to Law Enforcement he then spent the next 17 years working as a Deputy Constable in Precinct 4, serving under Constable Moore, Constable Hickman and the Current Constable.

During his time in Precinct 4 Chris spent time as a School Resource Deputy, a Parks Deputy, and a Patrol Deputy. He is extremely familiar with the area and the needs of its residents.

Immediately following his time as a Deputy Constable, he began working as a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy. Working as a Patrol Deputy, Jail Deputy, Inmate Records Deputy (Bonding) and now in the new Jail Diversion Center. The Jail Diversion Center is a joint effort between the Harris County Judge’s office, County Commissioners court, Sheriff’s office, District Attorney’s office and the Houston Police department, tasked with assisting the mentally ill and homeless avoid jail time for low level offenses.Chris has seen the myriad issues facing Law Enforcement, the homeowner and the taxpayer in Harris County and will bring a unique perspective to the office. He is driven by his sense of right and fair play. While being tough on crime, he understands the need for compassion in Law Enforcement.

What I will do for you:


If you are like me, you’re tired of reporting thefts and burglaries, and only getting a police case number for your insurance. When and if these crimes affect you, you will want the thief caught, and so do I.

I plan on expanding the investigative ability of the Harris County Precinct Four Constable’s office by using the Vigilant Solutions License Plate Recognition (LPR) tool, and Facial Recognition tool to assist deputy’s in criminal investigations and to develop leads for follow up investigations for offences to be used alongside already in use investigative techniques.

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Harris County has an increasing homeless population and PCT 4 is no exception.

I will establish a homeless outreach team, along with educating patrol deputies, on how to best use the Harris County Mental Health system to help empower people with behavioral, health and IDD (intellectual developmental disablility) needs to help them improve their lives through an accessible, integrated and comprehensive recovery oriented system of care.

I will work with other county leaders to improve the already existing program.


PCT 4 has an increasing population, and with it comes more drivers who drive while intoxicated.

I will work with local business and take a holistic approach to raise awareness about driving while intoxicated.

I will use district unit positions payed for by Harris County to form an overflow unit that will take over DWI arrests from the originating deputy. This will drastically improve the processing time for this type of arrest and cut down on overtime (saving taxpayers money) while still Increasing the number of DWI arrest within the precinct.